Accurately Navigating
Complex Construction


The success or failure of commercial construction projects is often determined before construction ever begins. We provide pre-construction services to help make sure every project is a success. Our pre-construction team will help you tackle a variety of tasks including:

  • Budget Establishment & Cost Estimation
  • Constructability Analysis
  • Value Engineering
  • Critical Path Scheduling
  • Subcontractor / Supplier Pre-Qualification
  • Initial Process Planning
  • Long Lead Time Material Procurement
  • Site Selection & Development
  • Master Planning & Phasing

General Construction

Regardless of the size or delivery method, every project is staffed appropriately with a project team. This ensures proper supervision and efficient implementation of our core process to deliver the very best for our clients. Every project we embark on includes these basic services:

  • Job Safety Orientation
  • Bi-Weekly Schedule Updates
  • DroneDeploy Visual Documentation
  • ProCore Project Management
  • Regular Project Meetings
  • On-Site Safety Meetings
  • Contractor Pre-Punchlists
  • Warranty Tracking & Execution


A fast growing and popular delivery method, Design-Build is a truly collaborative delivery method that offers a single point of contact (and contract) for the owner. The contractor and A/E team work together, as a team, from the beginning of the project. This delivery method starts the construction process by tackling the two biggest questions owner's have, how long? and how much?

Design-Build is the best process for Marksmen to add value, reduce schedule, mitigate costly change-orders, and deliver construction projects in a seamless package.

Construction Manager at Risk

CM at Risk or CMAR is the "bridge" between Design-Build and Design-Bid-Build. An adaptable and efficient delivery method, CM at Risk provides more clarity, deeper insights, and less ambiguity to the project. The CM at Risk Contractor joins the process while the project is still in design to manage the A/E team, provide clarity to the client's vision, drive the team to meet deadlines, and ensure all project objectives are met. When applied to CM at Risk, our core process cultivates positive relationships, generates buy-in and ownership, and produces powerful results. Most namely, better construction experiences for the Owner.

Integrated Project Delivery



You could call it the original delivery method, one of the most common and certainly the most well known. When you hear terms like "Hard Bid", or "CSP (Competitive Sealed Proposal)," they are probably referring to Design-Bid-Build. Like the name indicates, a project is designed by the architect and engineers, then bid by one or more contractors, then built. As with all delivery methods, Design-Bid-Build has pro's and con's. In the Pro column you have: a simple decision making process, competitive pricing through general contractor bids, and clarity of scope of work. In the Cons column: the Owner must manage multiple relationships (and contracts!), lack of cost control and value analysis during design, longer delivery timeline, greater potential for change orders, and a tremendous commitment of time and resources to identify true project costs.

Our project teams have decades of experience delivering construction projects under this delivery method and finding ways to bring value-added solutions to the process.

Job Order Contract

For small and medium-sized projects with a tight schedule, our Job Order Contracting program can be the best solution for public entities that participate in IDIQ contracting methods. This delivery method provides value to the owner by delivering projects that can be quickly scoped, priced, and completed. Our JOC program is geared toward collaborating with designers for fast track and modular projects.

Are you a Subcontractor?

Marksmen's goal is to partner with subcontractors and suppliers who align with our values and have a reputation for quality performance. Common core values creates lasting partnerships and shared success on and off the job site. If you are subcontractor or supplier that is interested in doing business with us click on the button below to see current bid opportunities and to get started on our pre-qualification process.