Our first core value, Purpose, is our single most important core value. At Marksmen we believe living a purpose-full life is to know God and honor Him in the things we do, both in business and in our personal lives. And in that, the other six core values live and serve to glorify Him. This falls in line with our company vision; To honor God through the quality of products we build with a heart of service to our clients. Our purpose is not about what we do, or how we do it, but why we do it.

A focus on a team approach means fostering relationships both within our company and with owners, architects, engineers, subcontractors, and suppliers. Embodying our second core value is much more than what we say, it’s what we do, how we do it, and how we make people feel. We want everyone we encounter to feel and know that we have a genuine interest in their success. It also means showing kindness to everyone we interact with. Lastly, the Relationship core value is about persistently feeding good relationships.

At Marksmen we are obsessed with our third core value, excellence. Its part of our philosophy; Plan with Precision, Communicate with Clarity, and Execute with Excellence. Now, excellence does not mean perfection, after-all we are all human. What it does mean, though, is good work, done well. Excellence is directly correlated to Purpose and our Vision. When we make excellence our standard, we are able to service our greater purpose, our why.

Cultivation is all about finding a better way for every  task, process, project, or problem. It is a commitment to never settle. If it’s good, make it great. If it’s great, make it excellent. Revolutionizing the way we work is part of our culture, it gives us the opportunity to grow and   improve on ourselves, our goals, and our company. It is the identification of new ideas that create value and add efficiencies.

Integrity is the foundation on which we build our business. When we embody trustworthiness, honesty, and kindness, we will attract high value clients and subcontractors. Every decision we make should be made based on what is right, not who is right, and what is best for our clients, team members, and Marksmen as a whole. Integrity is a cornerstone of our business, and a non-negotiable quality of our people. Embodying integrity leads us to excellence and execution, it aids in our cultivation as individuals, and it builds lasting relationships.

Service is built into the very being of our company and it’s fundamental to our identity. For us, service is about doing something for the greater good without regard for personal gain or recognition. And it comes in many forms, from the individual volunteering and helping others, to the company giving financially and supporting the individual interests of staff and clients. Our sixth core value is woven into our Purpose and is vital to the building of Relationships. Service is part of our vision as well as a core value because we believe that building our community will build us.

Execution is about arriving at the end and achieving the goal. Our commitment to execution is critical to staying true to our purpose. Closing fully and effectively demonstrates excellence and builds relationships with clients and subcontractors. It shows true integrity.