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Our mission is to be your solution. As a commercial general contractor servicing the greater San Antonio area we offer our wisdom, talent, and reliable local relationships to solve your construction needs.


Our vision is to honor God through the quality of products we build with a heart of service to our clients. We strive to create a family culture with a focus on service to our clients and community.

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Marksmen has seven core values represented by the acronym P.R.E.C.I.S.E.. Our core values guide and direct every aspect of our business. They define who we are and what it means to be Marksmen.

Our Core Values

Core Process





This corporate wide process is developed and applied from Business Development and Pre-Construction Services to Project Management, Safety, Accounting, and Warranty. Planning is critically important in any work effort. We spend the right amount of time planning with meaningful intention to ensure we can anticipate the needs and challenges of whatever task we are facing. Planning with Precision is about setting goals and objectives for the day, week, month, or specific project and outlining an action plan to achieve these goals. This simple idea fails when it is overlooked entirely or the process ends here.





Communicating with Clarity is much greater than effectively telling our story. It's about engaging, listening, and understanding. Whether it is a first-time client or any one of the multitude of trades, clear communication is essential to success. After all, communication is a two-way street, and making sure everyone is sharing a common terminology is essential to communicating clearly. This step is about considering who needs to be "in the loop" to make the plan successful and setting forth actionable items to ensure open lines of communication with a common language.





Planning and Communicating are only as good as the execution that follows. Excellent execution is what distinguishes us from our competitors. As our tagline states, we are Focused on Excellence. It’s this dedication to executing with excellence that has developed our company into a highly sought-after partner for general construction by clients in every sector.



We are zero-accident company. Our commitment to safety is a never ending task and our core values and core process remind us of that. In 2021, we reached a 0.84 Experience Modification Rate (EMR). In fact, every year we have reduced our EMR.


Our safety manager sets annual safety objectives, training, and oversite to promote a safety-first mindsight amongst all Marksmen employees.



Our safety manager sets annual safety objectives, training, and oversite to promote a safety-first mindsight amongst all Marksmen employees.


Mark Baublit

President & CEO

Butch Dixon

Vice President & CFO

Mandy Baublit

Director of Marketing & Business Development

Ryan Zwicke

Director of Construction Operations

Eric Stirm

Director of Pre-Construction

Chris Galan

Superintendent & Safety Manager

Zach Tschirhart

Project Executive

Paul LaCasse

Sr. Project Manager

Joey Breuer

Sr. Project Manager

Olivia Maddox

Finance & Risk Manager

Garrett McCullough

Marketing & Business Development Manager

Daniel Gunn




Interested in a career with Marksmen?

We hire people that believe in our mission and vision and embody our core values. Our people are passionate about construction, sure, but they also serve a purpose greater than themselves while upholding the moral and ethical standards set forth by our core values. Regardless of the role, Marksmen employees are Focused On Excellence. If you think that might be you, check out our current listings to see if there is a place for you.