Interns & Early Career

We champion a well-rounded approach to preparing for a career in construction. We believe it's best to combine hand-on experience with traditional classroom learning. Our internships and early career initiatives are designed to give students a solid understanding of the construction industry in the real world. You will get to work on real projects, making real impacts in our community.

At Marksmen, we welcome interns for one to three semesters, with respect for their school schedules. Interns at Marksmen get the chance to explore different career paths within general construction like project management, supervision, or pre-construction. Our student interns spend most of their time on-site, but they also get some experience in the office for a well-rounded view of construction. When it comes to early career hires, they can choose to work full-time or part-time and they'll have a mentor to guide them. Our aim for these hires is to give them important skills and set them up for a variety of opportunities in the construction field.

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Marksmen General Contractors Core Values Symbol - Purpose
Possess a why greater than yourself

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Marksmen General Contractors Core Values Symbol - Relationship
Focus on a team approach


Marksmen General Contractors Core Values Symbol - Excellence
Strive to rise above the status quo


Marksmen General Contractors Core Values Symbol - Cultivation
Innovate the ways we achieve and grow


Marksmen General Contractors Core Values Symbol - Integrity
Embody truth and honesty


Marksmen General Contractors Core Values Symbol - Service
Give selflessly to build the greater good


Marksmen General Contractors Core Values Symbol - Execution
Close fully and effectively

Internship Overview

Our internship program is tailor-made for promising young talent interested in a career in construction. The Marksmen internship program not only provides valuable hands-on experience but also holds the potential for a career with us upon graduation. Our internships are rigorous, full-time positions that come with competitive pay and span spring, summer, and fall semesters.

What we are looking for

A successful intern at Marksmen General Contractors is one who is ready to roll up their sleeves and immerse themselves in our world. They need to exhibit our core values and believe in our mission and vision the same way that we do. Ideal interns are hungry to learn; they are hard-working and self-motivated. They are humble, lacking big egos and always team oriented. Lastly, they are smart. No we don't mean book smart, though that's always a plus! Our most successful interns, and those most likely to get a full-time offer, are emotionally intelligent exhibiting a common sense about people.

What you can expect

Internships at Marksmen General Contractors are a great opportunity for long-term thinkers to develop their construction prowess across a range of construction types and delivery methods. You will be asked to leverage technology to increase efficiency and effectiveness, participate in a broad range of project planning and coordination duties, and experience multiple departments within the company. You will have daily opportunities to contribute to, and learn from, the team.

Ready to get started?

Our team typically has interns and early career program candidates year-round. In every season and semester you can find exceptionally talented young professionals on our jobsites. We actively recruit for internships and full-time positions in the fall and spring with start dates in the upcoming semester(s).

Fall/Spring Recruiting Events

  • Marksmen attends engagement events and career fairs on campus with universities and professional association partners.
  • First round interviews are conducted at the event. For interns, offers are made at the event or on the following business day.
  • Second round interviews conducted at the Marksmen General Contractors office for full-time hires. Scheduled within two-weeks of campus event and conducted within two months.

After accepting an offer

  • Marksmen HR confirms start date, project assignments, and other pertinent information.
  • Onboard interns and new recruits.
  • Establish internship checkpoints, mentors, and internship end dates.

Upcoming Recruiting Events

February 15, 2024

Texas A&M University
Construction Science Career Fair
Legends Event Center