NISD Zachry Middle School


The Zachry Magnet Middle School offers specialized courses for global communications, cybersecurity, and information technology beginning as early as the 5th grade. The renovation and expansion project on the school is focused on expanding those learning opportunities and also boasts a mock intermediate distribution frame (IDF) room and a digital forensics course for a complete hands-on learning experience. The project adds a number of learning spaces including: 10 total magnet classrooms, 2 magnet computer labs, A collaborative makerspace, a mock IDF room.



Northside ISD


Pfluger Architects

Delivery Method


Completion Date

September 2022





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The first floor contains 3 of the 10 magnet classrooms, a security vestibule with bullet resistant glass and access control systems, as well as nearly 20 offices housing the principal, assistant principals, vice principal, dean, counselors, and police. The first floor also includes the secretary and reception, the clinic, 3 conference rooms, and a workroom. The focal point of the project is a large, centrally located Learning Stair connecting the first and second floors.

The Learning Stair brings an open feel to the addition with wide, deep Birch veneer steps that double as stadium seating. The Learning Stair serves multiple purposes including social engagement and large group presentations. For presentations, an automatic projection screen at the bottom of the staircase can be lowered from the ceiling. The Learning Stair leads upward into a collaborative area surrounded by the 7 other magnet classrooms and 2 magnet computer labs. 3 of the magnet classrooms are connected (and separated) by sliding glass partitions allowing for larger or smaller learning areas as needed. The second floor also includes the Mock IDF Room, allowing students to put their hands on the equipment that brings telecommunications wiring into a building and routes it to individual workstations.

The west-facing exterior wall includes an 88' perforated steel panel with the name of the school powder coated on the panel.



Access Control

Ballistic & Bullet Resistant Glass

Security Vestibule