Southwest ISD: Southwest High School

ADA Upgrades
Delivery Method
Southwest ISD
Pfluger Architects

Phase I

The first phase of the project were ADA upgrades to the locker rooms of the main gym area to include building of three new ADA shower stalls and upgrades to locker laundry room.

Phase II

Secondly, the addition of new bullet resistant security lobby including all new electrified hardware and a renovated administrative lobby and creation of a new attendance office.

Phase III

The third major portion of this work was the renovation of a 40,000SF building. This two-story structure renovation included removal of mechanical systems in the entire building and replacement of approximately 44 variable air volume and fan power boxes and installation of 4 new roof top air handling units all requiring existing structural modification. Lay in ceilings and lighting were replaced in the entire building. Additionally, a new Cosmetology Lab was created that included a fully operational hair salon, manicure and pedicure stations and make-up stations.

All the above scopes were completed in a 3-month window during summer recess.

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