Cross Mountain Church


With a congregation of about 1,200, Cross Mountain Church is a staple in Leon Springs, providing all types of people a space to connect and know God. Several years prior to the construction of the project beginning, Marksmen General Contractors was involved with the church and Luna Middleman Architects, identifying space, budget, and need. Through this early assessment, the team determined a two story, 35,000 SF youth building was the next step to advancing the mission of the church. Tying into the existing children’s building and connecting the proposed new building to the existing sanctuary were critical to linking the entire campus together.



Cross Mountain Church


Luna Middleman Architects

Delivery Method

CM at Risk

Completion Date

December 2020





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Working through a CM at Risk delivery method, the Marksmen General Contractors team guided Cross Mountain Church to a $5.75M building capable of hosting student ministries and church events. The student center houses high school, middle school, and children’s ministries including Sunday School classes, Youth Group gatherings, and special events. The building offers students plenty of space to learn, worship, and play with a 300 seat auditorium, coffee bar, basketball court, games area, and classrooms. New driveways were constructed for better ingress/egress onto and out of the campus, additional parking provided more capacity for future growth, and covered porte-cocheres and canopies provide connectivity throughout the campus.

The building’s foundation is a slab on grade concrete structure and the building is a pre-engineered super structure enveloped with sloped glass curtainwall, metal panels on metal framing and insulated wall systems. The acoustical treatments of the space soften the modern feel of the exposed structure and polished concrete floors, while providing for a very intimate and welcoming space for the youth of the community.



Student Center

Parking Lot