NISD Eisenhower Middle School

Delivery Method
North East ISD

The existing concrete foundation had to be sawcut open to the crawlspace between the existing beam spans and new footings and distribution beams had to be poured within the existing building space to break the slab spans in half to be able to handle the loads of the new library shelving systems and books. This required intricate work to construct within the heart of the existing building shell after the interior demolition was completed. The former gym required access holes to be cut out for the crews to be able to shore the existing recessed slab where the former wood gym flooring was installed so a topping slab could be poured for the cafeteria expansion. Due to expansion of the clay soil within the crawlspace, there was excavation and tunneling required in order to remediate the subfloor for proper expansion clearance and to allow access for the temporary shoring installation. A new breezeway was created between the new cafeteria and library through the heart of the building which required structural modifications to the exterior envelope and new galvanized structural framing for new storefront window systems and brick veneer on CMU backup wall construction to create the new exterior walls.

The existing HVAC systems were fully replaced and additional structural steel was added on the roof to support the new roof top units before the distribution ductwork could be routed throughout the new defined spaces. As with all renovation projects, there were numerous unforeseen conditions that our entire project team seamlessly resolved.

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