Northside ISD: Security Lobbies

39 Elementary Schools & 1 Police Station
Delivery Method
Northside ISD
Nextgen Architects

The summer phase consists of eight elementary schools, the early Fall second phase consists of six elementary schools, and the final late Fall phase consists of seven elementary schools and one police station security vestibules. Marksmen GC has constructed 43 security vestibules over the years on four different school districts.

Our service department specializes in this type of phased work on occupied campuses. The planning and knowledge we bring to our clients through our in depth understanding of how to keep the continuity of the infrastructure for fire alarm, intercom and security, as well as the critical way-finding and pedestrian and student security while these main entrances are being transformed set us apart in the industry.

Many of these security lobbies required complex demolition and removal of existing structure exterior facades and integration of new structural foundations, roofing, exterior and interior wall systems and ballistic resistant storefront enclosed lobbies. Phased pre-summer work and having all long lead time materials timely procured and scheduled for a seamless workflow. Our thorough preplanning regarding the installation of temporary partitions, dust protection and how to phase the complex demolition seamlessly, while maintaining complete integrity of the salvaged and modified structures in the work, resonates our staff’s ability to solidify our Corporate Vision of Precise Planning through Communicating with Clarity and Executing with Excellence.

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