NISD Holmes High School Athletic Fields


Sitting atop a prominent hill over loop 410, this project is nestled within unique topography. The athletic fields, tennis courts, and concession building are layered into the site with an elevation change of about 80 feet from top to bottom. Four terraced levels make up the multi-use field, tennis courts, baseball field and concession building, and softball field. Massive 35 foot retaining walls border the baseball and softball fields



Northside ISD


Alamo Architects & Moy Tarin Ramirez Engineers LLC

Delivery Method


Completion Date

September, 2020





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The Fields

The lowest terrace on the site hosts the softball field with a 30 foot retaining wall wrapping around the perimeter of the outfield. The field includes home and visitor dugouts, and a bullpen. A few steps above the softball fields sits the baseball field with a 30 foot retaining wall encasing the boundaries of right field. The baseball field also includes home and visitor dugouts and full caged bullpen.

Nestled between the baseball and softball fields is the concession / bathrooms facility. The CMU structure is approximately 2,200 SF and includes basic kitchen equipment to support concessions.

Up a level and back to the north of the baseball field sits six (6) tennis courts. The eastern side of the courts features a 20 foot retaining wall.

The final field, sitting on a similar plane to the tennis courts is the multi-use athletic practice field.

A massive amount of site work

Creating the four levels for the sports fields required the removal and addition of hundreds of thousands of tons of earth to balance, level, and raise the site. Some areas of the project demanded cuts 35 feet deep to find existing stable subgrade that could then be backfilled with controlled select fill. Some areas of the project required 40 feet of select fill, incrementally compacted in six inch lifts.

Football Field

Baseball Field

Softball Field

Concession Building

Multi-Use Field

Tennis Courts