CISD Canyon High School


The Canyon High School Pressbox suffered substantial damage in the winter storm of 2021. The film deck and pressbox levels bore the brunt of the damage and required substantial renovation. The ground-level ticket office also received some minor modifications.



Comal ISD



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September 2021





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The Film Deck is open air and the snow storm damaged all exposed surfaces to the point of replacement. It received new stucco, and exterior lighting.

The Pressbox level was a complete renovation that included modifications to the HVAC and layout of level as well as repairs to the elevator.

The ground level Ticket Office saw minor modifications including a ceiling replacement and modified ticket booth windows.

The entire structure received a massive security upgrade that includes 25 new cameras and access control system. The end result of the project is smoother ticketing and entry to the stadium, a more secure pressbox with better accommodations, and a much safer film-deck.

Materials delivery delays, especially security cameras delayed the ultimate delivery of the project. However, all other scopes were completed on time.

Ticket Booth

Press Box