Bexar County Heritage Center

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Bexar County
Fisher Heck

Nestled inside the historic Bexar County Courthouse, constructed in 1896, is the Bexar County Heritage Center, a museum dedicated to the historic and cultural treasures of Bexar County. The museum offers multi-media portals and narratives displaying the rich history of the area from the 1700s to modern day. The $2.9M project was in planning as early as a 2004 and spent 18 months in construction before opening. The 9,500 SF museum packs in a surprising amount of educational content that attracts the streakers, strollers, and studiers and appeals to all ages.

Through construction, especially demolition which included existing offices and a vault, noise control measures were utilized to cause minimal disturbance in the adjacent court rooms. A just-in-time methodology was used during construction to mitigate the laydown and site access constraints. This was especially important as the HVAC system was completely demolished and re-constructed to meet the new space requirements. The electrical system was completely renovated to support the increased demand and state-of-the-art multimedia exhibits. Finally, the floor was leveled and carpet tile laid throughout to bring cohesive, even flooring throughout the Heritage Center.

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