About our Company

Creative People. Forward thinking.

Our Vision

At Marksmen General Contractors we purpose to glorify God through our products and services. Out of the return of the company we give financially to charitable and community organizations. Our employees also serve the construction industry and city through active involvement in numerous organizations. We believe our people are the foundation and strength of Marksmen General Contractors.

Our Experience

Past experience has paved the path for where we are today.

Built on decades of solid construction experience, Marksmen General Contractors, Inc. offers a reputation of knowledge and strength.

  • Experience supervising and managing $526 million of new construction and $650 million of complex renovation projects on occupied campuses
  • 60 years of combined Marksmen project team experience
  • 3 Million+ square feet of educational facility construction
  • 1 Million+ square feet of office & classroom building finish outs
  • Multi-phased, multi-building, occupied campus project oversight
  • Educational Facilities, Higher Education Buildings, Healthcare Facilities & Medical Office Buildings, Retail Centers, Business Offices, and Ecumenical & Specialty Projects

Our Services

  • Ground Up Construction
  • Design Build
  • Preconstruction Services
  • Construction Management & CM at Risk
  • Commercial Renovations
  • Interior Finish Outs
  • JOC
  • DOCC
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Project Budgeting, Scheduling, & Cost Control

Our Pillars of Strength


Marksmen General Contractors, Inc. handles the matter of safety seriously. We are proud to have a “Zero Accident” safety record to date. Our Superintendents and Project Managers each have 30 Hour OSHA certifications and exemplary on the job safety records. Additional training includes Forklift Operator Safety Training, Operating Boom Lift/Self Propelled & Boom Support Safety Training, and Adult CPR/AED & Standard First Aid. Safety is always a first priority on any and all projects. Our program implements Safety Policies, Safety Plan & Accident Prevention Plan, Hazard Communication Plan, and General Safety Rules.


Marksmen GC appropriately bids and dedicates a high caliber project team which includes continuous on-site supervision throughout the entire construction phase. This sets us apart from our competition and yields greater savings to our Clients. Utilizing our staff’s proven experience, we set the stage for success from the start by planning and scheduling with precision. We communicate the plan with clarity and solidify buy-in from the entire team inclusive of our Client, Design Team, Subcontractors and Suppliers. Finally, we execute the plan with excellence. This Plan, Communicate and Execute procedure is the fiber of our company’s personnel and is the substance of how Marksmen GC continually delivers all our projects on time with accurate schedules. The predictability of our scheduling is the foundation of trust for our clients allowing for expedited occupancy of their facility and an earlier return on their investment.


Our Mission Statement clearly communicates our drive to exceed our customers’ expectations through the products and services we deliver by working with excellence in everything we build. The Marksmen name, logo, vision and mission exemplify this purpose and our clients’ testimonials confirm the product of our Brand. Our strategy for every project is to start quickly, set a positive tone early, execute consistently and finish strong. Our staff is trained to continually address issues while we are building the project to reduce the time it takes to close out the job at the end. As with our clients, the details matter to us and our staff intentionally seeks to know our client’s priorities so we can align the project direction with those goals. Every Marksmen employee takes personal ownership of their role within the team while being service minded and relationship focused. The majority of our marketing comes from word of mouth that leads to continued and repeat business due to the level of customer satisfaction. We raise the standard above the industry expectations and diligently invest in promoting and teaching craftsmanship at all levels and tiers of the industry.


Prior to starting any project, we plan out and write a detailed schedule with our project superintendent with buy-in from our subcontractors. In addition to the superintendent’s daily review of progress and three week look ahead, we do a corporate weekly overview of progress to ensure we are tracking to finish on time or ahead of schedule. It is imperative in the early stages to identify all lead times, particularly the long lead time items so they can be incorporated into the schedule to track the critical path. We proactively drive the submittal process to ensure prompt review and approval of submittals with the design team and owner. The submittal process is also built into our schedules and linked to material releases and their respective lead times. Rain delays, testing schedules, required job shut downs, holidays and pre-punchlists are all incorporated into the schedule. By monitoring all of the above weekly, we quickly identify potential scheduling impacts and take appropriate action to increase crew sizes, man hours and even weekend work to remediate any risks of schedule slip before it can impact the final completion date.


Our project team’s staff continually punchlist the project as we build it to resolve issues immediately before they can become larger issues. Early identification is the key to a smoothly run and quickly closed out job. In addition to the continual and quick addressing of issues, all Marksmen projects are pre-punched and those punchlists are completed before the owner and design team are invited for the Substantial Completion inspection. Our team verifies the trade startup procedures have been performed, ensure the final testing and balancing has been coordinated and finalized, perform a controls and graphics check with the Owner and work hand in hand with the commissioning agent for their sign off. All of these strategies create smaller Substantial Completion punchlists that allow for quicker Final Completion and Owner occupancy. The faster our construction team brings closure to all issues, the more beneficial it is to all parties involved for final payment, closeout and the ability for us all to move on to our next projects fully focused and without distraction.


Our company’s headquarters and staff are local to San Antonio, which equips us to service our local clients better with immediate response, particularly when it matters most in the warranty period and beyond. Our office has both a warranty tracking and follow through system with a single point of contact, easing the expediency of action for our clients. Our commitment to satisfaction goes beyond the warranty as has been displayed consistently by our ownership for many decades in the San Antonio region. Our focus on the details during construction is the highest factor in reduction of warranty items after project completion. We embrace that a well-constructed project is remembered as a complete success by our commitment beyond Final Completion.

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Mark Baublit CEO/President

Mark Baublit CEO/President

Mark Baublit, owner and President of Marksmen General Contractors, Inc., has built his career in construction for over 24 years and managed over $550 million in construction projects. He began his career working with his hands as a residential cabinet-maker and then as a lead detailer and project manager in commercial millwork, both of which he still does today.

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A. E.

A. E. "Butch" Dixon Vice President

Butch Dixon, owner and Vice President of Marksmen General Contractors, Inc., has worked in the banking industry for over 30 years. He began his career as a teller while attending Schreiner University. Upon graduation, he entered the officer training program at Chas. Schreiner Bank with a focus on loan operations.

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Greg Hilburn COO

Greg Hilburn COO

Greg Hilburn, Chief Operating Officer for Marksmen General Contractors, Inc., has extensive field supervisory and project management experience throughout his 15-year career in many construction sectors totaling over $150M. His diverse array of projects include over $75M in K-12 facilities, $21M of higher educational facilities, $39M in medical facilities and $15M in office, private finish-outs and commercial ground up construction.

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